Meet Lifeguard and Intern, Megan Sanner
As we continue our "Meet the Program Staff" series, we move on to the Aquatics Program. Meet Lifeguard and Intern, Megan Sanner. Megan is from Florence, Alabama and this is her first summer at Camp...kind of!

Her first introduction to Camp ASCCA was last summer, when her professor brought about 13 students, including Megan, to help out some of our counselors for a week. After about three days, Megan says she fell in love and was excited to hear we offered internships.

After completing her lifeguard certification she was eligible for hire and has really enjoyed her summer thus far! One of her favorite things about being on Aquatics is the variety in activities she gets to do. Some days it may be tubing and water slide, and another day she may be at the splash pad and pool. 

Megan hopes that campers leave inspired to try new water activities besides just going to the pool. There's so much more to explore beyond your backyard. Just go for it!

Watch the video below to check out the neat things Megan gets to do! Keep up with her and the rest of our lifeguards on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Flickr, and right here on our website!

Jasmine Reed, PR
Camp ASCCA 2017
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