Meet Lifeguard Matthew Segrest
Continuing with our Aquatics Program Staff highlights this week, meet Lifeguard Matthew Segrest. Matthew is from Tallassee, Alabama and this is his second summer with Camp ASCCA! Three years ago, Matthew served as a Camp Counselor and is now amidst his first summer on Program Staff.

Depending on what activity he has that day, Matthew usually wakes up around 6-6:30 a.m. to get everything set up. Like the rest of our Aquatics Program staff, a major part of Matthew's job is to lifeguard all water activities. Good thing for him, we have so many water activities to offer, this job never gets boring!
matthew walking with campers

One of his favorite activities to run is Tubing! "The kids really enjoy it and we do, too," he said. "There aren't many jobs where you get paid to ride an inner tube and make sure everybody's having a good time."

With it being Matthew's first summer on Program Staff, there have been a few challenges in terms of just getting into the swing of things. During Training Week, we covered a lot of information in regards to camper safety, activity set up and the way to properly run an activity. However, Matthew catches on fast and is quickly turning into a pro.
Matthew blowing up the inner tube with an air pump

As campers participate in the various activities he'll run, Matthew hopes that it's one of the funnest experiences they have all summer! We're excited to have him back and look forward to seeing our campers have the time of their lives. 

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Jasmine Reed, PR
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