Meet Lifeguard Gwin Walker
Our next spotlight for this week's Meet the Program Staff series is Lifeguard, Gwin Walker. Some of you may recognize her from a video we did earlier this summer, covering what it's like being on program staff. Today, we're diving a little deeper to find out what exactly Gwin does. This is her first summer being on the Aquatics Staff, but she's had the pleasure of working on Program Staff before. 

Her first summer at Camp ASCCA, Gwin was in charge of the Demo Farm. Then, she was in charge of Fishing and helped out the Adventure Staff her next summer, and returned for a seasonal position in the Fall. During that time, she stayed on site and helped with the user groups we host on weekends. Work kept her away for most of the summer, last year, but she worked as a counselor the last three sessions!
Gwin lifeguarding the pool

Now that she's a part of Aquatics, her daily routine is a little bit different. "Today, I had to set up the pool," she said. "So I swam my laps, vaccumed the bottom of the pool and checked the chlorine and pH levels." This usually takes a bit of teamwork since it takes a while to do. Another lifeguard will scrub the walls of the pool and check the skimmers

Tubing seems to be a pretty popular activity amongst the Aquatics Program Staff. "It takes a lot of energy and upper body strength because we have to pull people in and out," she said. "But it's a lot of fun because we get to ride along with the campers!" 
Gwin dumping water on campers.

Gwin is really hoping that campers just have a good time with the different water activities, this summer. She enjoys seeing how carefree everyone is as they wade around in the pool, not worried about the stresses of life or the disabilities they may have. "Our campers who normally can't walk are weightless in the pool, so they can float," she said. "And some of them can even stand up in the pool. So, that's always cool to see." 

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Jasmine Reed, PR
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