Day One with Drake Middle School

Students from Auburn’s Drake Middle School will be visiting Camp over the next few days and next week as well for a field trip. Each day, a different sixth grade class will travel to Camp on charter buses for a day of ASCCA programs and team building. Today, we had our first group arrive, and they were ready for all the action ahead.

ASCCA Program Director Amber Cotney has developed a schedule for each day in which the students will rotate through a variety of activities. This year’s lineup consists of time at the waterslide, group elements, canoeing, the pool, kickball, and the always popular zip line. The students also have time to enjoy lunch together by the ballfield.

Drake students ride down the waterslide

During this morning’s first rotation, Group 6 brought the energy and helped cheer for each student that wanted to attempt the zip line. As a “challenge by choice” activity, the zip line is a challenge that people have the opportunity to accept or decline. Many students arrived with a look of concern on their face because they have not been that high off the ground before.

However, with the motivation of their classmates below, every student in the group accepted and took a ride down the zip line. We hope that moments like that are what these students will carry with them for a long time as a reminder of what you can accomplish when you work together as a team.

Students ride zip line for the first time. Students ride zip line for the first time.

As the groups continue to rotate through today’s activities, we hope that they continue to learn valuable lessons that will not only carry them throughout the rest of the school year but perhaps throughout their lives! Keep up with the next five days of Drake Middle School field trips on our Flickr and stay up-to-date by following us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

If you would like to learn more about how your class or organization can visit Camp ASCCA for a day, contact Camp Director Matt Rickman at or (256) 825-9226.