Drake Middle School Field Trips: Day Two

Today, on the second day of Drake Middle School field trips, the students, teachers, and parents arrived with an electric energy and motivation to make today the best day of the new school year. The students were split into six groups and participated in several ASCCA programs. Identical to day one, today’s schedule involved activities like swimming at the pool, sliding down the waterslide, riding the zip line, canoeing around Lake Martin, team building at group elements, and kickball at the ballfield.

Each day, teachers and parents are also encouraged to participate and have fun outside their chaperone roles. Many students encourage and cheer for their teachers and parents to join in. Some opted out of certain activities because of the cooler weather, but a few jumped right in and participated in activities like the waterslide, canoeing, and kickball. One student found it very exciting when her mom joined in on the fun with her group at the waterslide and even joined the student competition of who could slide the furthest.

 Students are challenged at group elements

At group elements, the students are being put into challenging situations that push them to not only use their physical strength but their mental strength as well. The activities force them to communicate with each other and be willing to listen to others ideas, so that they can formulate the best solution to the challenge. Group elements play a big role in our leadership training, and we can guarantee that many of the conversations and situations will come up later in life.

As today’s activities continue, we constantly encourage the students to push themselves to the next level and accomplish goals that they may not have the chance to do anywhere else. You can keep up with all of this week’s activities by visiting Flickr and following us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

If you would like to learn more about how your class or organization can visit Camp ASCCA for a day, contact Camp Director Matt Rickman at or (256) 825-9226.