The Drake Middle School Finale of 2017
This morning, sixth grade students from Drake Middle School arrived at Camp ASCCA for the final day of the school’s field trips. Last week’s weather from Hurricane Irma moved this scheduled visit from last Tuesday to today, and the students could not wait to jump into the activities. The day was designed to mirror the other field trips, and students rotate through several ASCCA programs like canoeing, zip-lining, riding the waterslide, and much more. However, they first had to meet up with the ASCCA staff to be divided into groups and acquainted with their chaperones for the day.

On what seems like the hottest Monday in September, students and teachers have approached each activity with a hunger to learn and experience something new. At the zip line, students are encouraging each other to conquer their fears, and on the other side of the campus, parents and teachers have been sliding down the waterslide in their street clothes simply to make the students smile. The waterslide has even included a music playlist of popular songs that has kept the students dancing and singing at the top of their lungs. 

Student enjoys zip line teacher rides down waterslide
Each group has also visited or will visit the gym for a round of group elements where they are challenged to think critically, work as a team, and openly communicate. At many of the activities, students are participating solo, but group elements provide the experience of working as a team and learning to respect others’ opinions and ideas. The goal with each activity that the students experience today is to create a valuable learning opportunity that the students will carry with them now and into the future.

The past two weeks have been full of new experiences, happy moments, and conquered fears that the Drake Middle students and teachers will never forget. We hope that the students from Drake Middle School leave each visit with a new hunger for adventures and appreciation for their classmates. You can view a few of these exciting moments by visiting our Flickr page here.


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