Yarbrough Elementary 4th Grade Visits ASCCA
Today, fourth grade students from Auburn’s Yarbrough Elementary School traveled to Camp for a fun, exciting day out of the classroom. The students were presented with opportunities of fun, teachable moments, and challenges when it comes to working as a team. The schedule included activities at the cargo net, canoeing, group elements, nature, and the bungee trampoline. Once they arrived, the students were split into groups with their teachers and were led to their first activity of the day by an ASCCA staff member.

All of the students were thrilled about the day and had many questions about Camp and the opportunities that are offered. However, not everyone was ready for the questions they would be asked at a few particular activities. At nature, the students learned about edible aquifers with Outdoor Education Director Cody Graham and how water can be retrieved from an aquifer or layer of permeable rock.  They were also challenged at the bungee trampoline by Camp Director Matt Rickman to think back on a few of their recent science lessons and discuss how potential and kinetic energies are applied in the trampoline experience.
Yarbrough students enjoy canoeing
The students, teachers, and parents had a great time at each activity and many students were pushed to new heights. Several students had the opportunity to canoe for the first time while others were offered the freedom of experiencing a backflip on the trampoline without the fear of falling. We have student groups visit ASCCA throughout the year, and this is one particular group that brought an energy that will be hard to beat.

Tomorrow, we will meet one more group of fourth grade students for a day that will mirror today’s visit. It is our goal to create new possibilities every day here at Camp ASCCA, and we hope that these students have learned that they are capable of anything that they put their minds to. You can see more moments from today’s activities with Yarbrough Elementary by visiting our Flickr page here.

yarbrough student enjoys cargo net

To learn more about how your school or organization can visit Camp ASCCA, contact Camp Director Matt Rickman at