2018 Camp ASCCA Camper of the Year

At the end of each summer, the ASCCA Summer Staff selects that year’s Camp ASCCA Camper of the Year. This year, the staff nominated ten campers, and the field was voted on and narrowed down to the top three. Then, a second voting round took place that narrowed down the top three to one individual who received the highest number of votes. The 2018 Camper of the Year is Tim Dillard!

The staff members choose the nominees based on what makes each person unique and how their summer experience was that year. There are a variety of qualities that are considered as the staff votes on each camper, for example, how much the camper enjoys the summer camp experience, the energy and happiness that he or she exudes, how they encourage other campers, friendliness, and overall enthusiasm.

Matt and Tim, Camper of the Year

Tim Dillard is a prime example of each of these qualities, and anyone who has known him over the past 26 years of him attending camp would say the same. Tim has been coming to camp for so long that he often considers himself a leader around the campus. There are not many people who can make you laugh quite like Tim Dillard can, and he is remembered every year for his sense of humor and positive personality. Tim is from Andalusia, AL, and he always talks to everyone he meets about growing up there and how thankful he is for the Andalusia Rotary Club and their support to help him attend camp each year. Tim loves everything about Camp ASCCA and even shared his thoughts earlier this summer in one of our “Campers of ASCCA” feature videos. Check it out here.

This year’s Camper of the Year plaque was presented to Tim at David’s Catfish House in Andalusia on November 8, 2018. Tim was joined by the ASCCA full-time staff and his family for the special presentation. Tim did not know that he would be receiving the award, and once Camp Director Matt Rickman started talking about the best camper of the summer, he immediately had a smile on his face. As this year’s recipient, Tim will attend the Camp ASCCA Christmas Weekend in December free of charge and will once again experience the fun and festive opportunities that Camp ASCCA has to offer people with different abilities.

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