A Paint Party Filled with Memories

Today was our first full day of Session 4, and it was such a great day! This afternoon’s free choice was filled with many different activities for campers to choose. Today, they had the option of the pool, fishing, archery, splash pad, putt-putt and a paint party!

Paint party was a special treat for campers today. Those that made their way to the paint party got to paint Camp ASCCA totes. Each camper was given the choice of a red, blue or green tote to make their own. They were able to use paint, markers and glitter to customize their totes. It was exciting to see each camper’s unique designs when they finished.

The bags our campers made were all so different from each other. Some chose to ornately put their names, while others used handprints to decorate their bags! The campers at the paint party will be able to keep and cherish their bags forever!

This week is off to a great start, and we are eager to see each camper grow and have life-changing experiences every day! To see more pictures from tonight click here. Make sure to follow along with us this summer to see all the fun that Camp ASCCA has in store.

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