A Teen Week to Remember 

Teen week was amazing, but all good things must come to an end. We had tons of fun between all the rotation activities, the talent show, the concert, and girls/boys day, but the overwhelming favorite is always the prom. I think our prom king and queen Jason Moore and Katherine Lantz would be the first to agree.

However, they weren’t the only ones to achieve something amazing this week. We had many awards to give out as this session came to a close. As always, the staff all voted for Best Counselor and Best Program Staff which was rewarded to Michaela Roswal and Elizabeth Bryson respectively. Returning counselor Michaela formed strong bonds with many campers and impressed us all with her ability to always put the needs of her camper over her own. Program Staff Elizabeth is always going above and beyond to make sure every rotation is perfect and everyone is taken care of.

We are very proud of our staff who made teen week the best it could be, but we are even more proud of our campers, who made this week more fun and exciting then we could have ever imagined. Our Best Male Camper award went to Noah.  He was very enthusiastic all week; anywhere he went there was chanting, drumming, and endless encouragement towards his fellow campers. Kera was awarded Best Female Camper due to her enthusiasm, always dancing and singing throughout the week. She even wrote her own rap to perform and included many of her friends during the talent show! Best First Time Camper Eli effortlessly fit in — starting on the very first day when he break danced in the dining hall. 

On top of winning prom king, Jason also won the award for outdoor ed. Sydney won the aquatics award for how eager she was in attending every water activity, and Noah won yet another award, this time being outdoor adventure. And finally, the nature award went to Alex.

We are very proud of all our campers and what they have accomplished, whether they won an award or not. As always, the last award goes to the best cabin. All of the cabins put in so much effort this week, leading to a close race, but Cheaha’s tenacity and determination ultimately won them the paddle.

The goodbyes were tearful as everyone left, but we hope to see everyone again next year!

Charlie Wood, PR Intern

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