Today was the second day of program rotations for our campers. Each group had the opportunity to spend about an hour at each station, whether it be archery, demonstration farm, arts & crafts, nature, waterslide, tubing, zipline or pool. Yesterday each group participated in two programs and today they got to go to two new activities! After today, the groups are halfway through, but still have two more days of fun programs. Our program staff does a great job of making each station exciting and enjoyable for our new campers, and for the seasoned professionals.

Every day at lunch the program staff awards one ASCCA achievement per program. Campers can win this award for any kind of positive experience at the programs, for example, helping, cheering on friends, trying something they’ve never done, or just being excited for the activity.

Today’s ASCCA Achievement awards were given to:

Nature: Sean Ordoyne

Demo farm: Annie Toro

Arts & Crafts: Angel Stone

Tubing: Daniel Modawell

Waterslide: Ariyon Evans

Pool: Shelby Hansen

Archery: Amy Reid

Zipline: Kaitlyn Spell

Keep checking our Flickr for photos of our campers enjoying all of our programs through the week!

Emily Hedrick, PR
Session 1
Summer 2016