Today was the first day our NEW bungee bouncer was an available activity today at free choice. We just got the bungee bouncer donated from our friends at Camp Mac! At the hammocks and horseshoes area, the bungee bounce was set up and ready for our campers to spend a few minutes jumping. One at a time, campers got a harness on then got up onto the bouncer and got to jump straight up and down. About twenty minutes into free choice, it suddenly began to rain so we all ran to shelter until the weather chilled out. Once it cleared up, two campers went back to the bungee bouncer, to get a chance to bounce. One of our campers, Ashley, who usually uses a wheelchair, got to jump-standing up on the trampoline for the first time! And she was the first person who uses a wheelchair to use the bungee bouncer at Camp ASCCA. I’d say the bungee bounce was a success based on the huge smiles our campers had while in the air.

Thanks again to our friends at Camp Mac, we love the bungee bouncer and look forward to using it more this summer!

Check out more pics of our campers bouncing on Flickr.

Emily Hedrick, PR
Session 4