Camp ASCCA 2020: Fishing with Doug

Our Fishing with Doug series was a huge hit with everyone and we wanted to make finding all videos easier.
Doug Darr is the retired Aquatic Education Coordinator for the Alabama Division of Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries. He was nice enough to drop by for a six-part series on fishing! Doug has worked with many of our groups and camps throughout the years and we appreciate his continued friendship.

Part 1: Safety and Prep. How to safely prepare yourself for fishing.

Part 2: Rig a Rod. How to prepare your rod with fishing line, a bobber, a hook, and a weight!

Watch until the end for a special “Weights – A Closer Look.”

Part 3: Casting. How to cast using a spincast reel and rod and/or a spinning reel and rod.

Part 4: Knots. How to tie the clinch and improved clinch knots so you can successfully catch a fish!

Part 5: Bait. Information on the hooks and bait used for different fish. Find out about minnows, worms, crickets, artificial bait, and all kinds of hooks! Stayed tuned until the end when Doug talks more in-depth about the circle hook.

Part 6: Licenses & Location. Learn where to fish and information about fishing licenses in Alabama, including licenses for people with disabilities. See the resources and links below!

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