Session 6 at Camp ASCCA got off to a great start at tonight’s evening program. We went to Lion’s lodge after dinner to socialize with our new friends, dance and snack. Everyone heard there was going to be a surprise, but we didn’t know what it could be.

The lights went dim and the “Imperial March” began playing when Darth Vader, a storm trooper, and a jedi appeared! Everyone gathered around each guest to meet them and get their picture taken. Some campers even had a lightsaber battle with one of our guests. Then we took group photos with all of the characters and our cabinmates. Afterwards, we circled up for the “Goodnight Song” then thanked our guests for their visit.

It was awesome getting to meet these classic characters! Check out more of the photos from our meet and greet on Flickr!

Emily Hedrick, PR
Session 6