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Today I have a special SURPRISE for all of you!

I asked one of our campers, Derek Schmitz if he would be a guest blogger to help show what the day to day life of camp is like and he was thrilled. He said he would let me use his journal entries from this week, as a blog. Derek is smart, funny and always chanting for his favorite cabin Choctaw!

Each day Derek journals about his daily adventures here at camp including things he has lost, things he has found, how many steps he has taken and his favorite memories of the day.

Here are the first 4 entries:

Day 1

I love camp.
Ahmad (his counselor) is the BEST!!! Found a new camp date Emily. Going to ask her to the dance in a love letter.

Day 2

I love camp. Emily said yes.
Went to Wii Room. AWESOME.
Zipline = AWESOME
#choctawswag #ahmadswag

Day 3

Talent Show I did Watch Me (whip and nae nae) Pool was great, failed my swim test though. Tubing was AWESOME, said Oh Yeah the whole way. My steps were low because the activities were in water.

Day 4

Splash Pad was really Fun. Sports and Games was fun, we played kickball with a giant ball. Putt Putt was cool. I found out today that one of my journal entries would be on the ASCCA Blog, that is AWESOME.

Derek, thank you so much for letting us share your memories with the rest of the ASCCA Family! We are so glad you are having a great week at camp!

As Always it is a GREAT day here at Camp ASCCA!

Check out all the memories being made and more information about Camp ASCCA and it’s staff on Camp ASCCA’s website, ASCCA’s Flickr, Instagram (@campascca), Facebook and YouTube.

Derek Schmitz, Camper
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