To kick off session 5’s Las Vegas theme, we had a casino night! Half of the cabins went to the casino was in our dining hall, with seven game tables, drinks, snacks and a prize table. When the campers entered, they were given a cup of 20 chips to play with. From there, campers were able to choose which games they wanted to play and like a casino, they only stayed at the game for as long as they wanted until moving onto the next. The games played were Keeno, Higher or Lower, Pick a Pair, Flip the Chip, High Roller, Match Em, and High Card. We played games for about an hour then at the end it was time to cash in the chips for prizes. We got super cool prizes like bubbles, water bottles, bags and shirts. Casino night was a hit!

What happens at ASCCA stays at ASCCA.

Emily Hedrick, PR
Session 5