Friends of ASCCA: Chad shares Hurricane and COVID-19 experiences with us!

I am an essential worker and work as a janitor. I did not have to be quarantined. We are the only two Goodwill of the Gulf Coast locations working during Gov. Kay Ivey’s Stay at Home Order in April (GWI Coast Guard and Federal Building). We get our temperature check, the same as if you were going to Camp ASCCA, at the start of the shift. I was expecting in early April that there was not going to be Camp ASCCA for Summer 2020 and watched some of the ASCCA programs through Facebook, Zoom, and YouTube. I did some of the ASCCA crafts that were sent home. We enjoyed every bit of it so I didn’t miss it. The only thing that I missed the most is being able to talk to the counselors in person but COVID-19 has made a big adjustment and I talked to the counselors on video chat, Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Hurricane Sally made landfall at 4:45 AM in Gulf Shores, AL, and made most of the Mobile Rotary Campers upset for few days without power. To prepare for a storm, we made sure that we had enough supplies (batteries, flashlight, battery-powered radio, nonperishable foods, bottled water, etc.), brought all of the outdoor furniture indoors, and boarded up the windows. You can make plywood boards that go on the windows look fun like we do at camp with cabin themes.

In the aftermath, it will be a while before everything goes back to normal because the clean-up continues. Be good, listen to local radio stations like Alabama Public Radio (WHIL-FM 91.3 Mobile), and watch your local news channels. Baldwin County was hit hard.

In 1997, Hurricane Danny made Mobile Rotary Campers stay at Camp ASCCA for two extra days. Then in 2005, Hurricane Dennis canceled Camp Mobile Rotary and were given options to attend another session that was age-appropriate or attend a seasonal camp weekend.

I am looking forward to future ASCCA Outings and Summer 2021 to come so I can try out the Big Swing. Because of COVID-19, I also found out that Mobile Rotary campers will be attending regular 2021 Camp ASCCA sessions that are age-appropriate and there will be limited capacity.

Chloe and I will be doing the Jingle Jump fundraiser virtually this year so go help us out at

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