Ahmad Smith is a first time counselor this summer at Camp ASCCA. He is from Tuscaloosa and currently attends Faulkner University in Montgomery. Ahmad is a junior there persuing a degree in legal studies. After he graduates, Ahmad hopes to continue studying law at Thomas Goode Jones Law School and becoming a lawyer.

He learned about Camp ASCCA from a his intro to paralegalism II professor, Cathy Davis, who talked about the camp and explained how she volunteers here for some special weekends. Her nephew, Matthew has attended camp before and this year his brother, Cole, is a first year counselor too. Ahmad has never gone to summer camp, but has always wanted to go. When he learned about Camp ASCCA he was interested in having his first camp experience and imagined making each week of camp the best week for his campers. In the four sessions Ahmad has worked, he has been counselor to 10 campers. In his law classes he says they teach you to look out for yourself and your clients, but here he has learned to put his campers first, and help others when they need it. He says helping and giving to others is one of the best feelings, but seeing his campers enjoying themselves with a big smile on their face is the best. His favorite thing at camp is what he calls the “I love you” moment.” It could be Tuesday, or it could take until check out on Friday, but the camper will show how much the relationship between him and Ahmad and their experience at camp means to them.

Each week, Ahmad puts his heart into his role and strives to make it the best week ever for his campers.

Emily Hedrick, PR
Session 4