Sam Law has spent his last three summers working here at Camp ASCCA. Sam is from Birmingham and attended Oak Mountain High School. He learned about camp through his classmates and friends, Christian and Chandler Thomason. The past two years Sam has worked as a counselor in training (CIT) and this is his first year acting as a counselor.

Sam’s favorite activity for the campers is the zipline. It is a challenge by choice program- which means no one makes the campers go down, but we strongly encourage them to put on the gear and at least get to the top. We try as hard as we can to reassure the campers they will LOVE it once they try it. For Sam, “the zipline is the most adverturous program we offer at camp, and it’s something the campers would not usually have the opportunity to do outside of here.”

Through camp, Sam has learned that being different isn’t bad, it’s best to just be yourself. He loves the camp experience because of the relationships he forms with the campers. In one week you can go from complete strangers to best friends. Watching Sam it’s easy to see the care he has for each one of his boys every week. Together they share incredible experiences that will last as memories they will never forget, and that’s the magic of Camp ASCCA.

Emily Hedrick, PR
Session 6