First Time for Everything

Camp ASCCA is full of first time opportunities. Some may have never experienced riding in a tube on the lake; some may have never pet a farm animals; some may have never gone on a nature tour. This week, we had a special camper who had never ridden the zipline before! Thanks to her counselor, Julia, we were able to capture some first time moments with the camper, Katherine!

This is Katherine’s second summer with us at Camp. She really enjoys the water activities and Demo Farm. She has recently discovered a new favorite activity at Camp: the zipline! In 2019, for her first summer, she was a little hesitant to take part in the adventure activities. She would rather wade in the pool or pet the farm animals. Who can blame her? However, this year, with a little encouragement, she mustered up the courage to try it out! Katherine was ready! She tried out our rotation zipline on Tuesday morning. She was so excited! Katherine had the biggest smile from start to finish on this ride. Thus, an adrenaline junkie was born! Katherine loved the zipline so much that she was ready for more! Later in the week, Katherine signed up for our free choice activity: the LPR Zipline. This is our adventure course that stretches the whole length of our fishing pond! Incredible right? You could have never guessed that this was Katherine’s first time at any adventure program! She was a professional zipliner! We are so proud of you Katherine. See you next time at the zipline!!

Katherine and Julia at zipline.
Katherine looking over the pond at LPR Zipline.
Katherine riding the rotation zipline for the very firs time!

Madi Davis, PR

Summer 2021

Session 2

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