Friends Of ASCCA: Camp ASCCA Life at Home With Windsor

Originally, I would have been at Camp ASCCA the week of July 12-17. Like many of you, I’m disappointed that we can’t meet for camp, but I’m optimistic that we will be back for Summer 2021. In the meantime, I’m grateful that, even though we’re in quarantine, the camp staffers have found ways to keep all of us in touch by doing many of the camp activities from home.
I really love arts and crafts at camp, and this summer Camp ASCCA has indulged my creative side at home! By snail mail, we received the supplies needed to make and decorate our own rounders and slap bracelets. Some people had a few problems with them, but we made it work! It was so much fun to do these crafts at home.
The recent Virtual Day Camp with the Red Clay Strays was hilarious! My favorite was the banana boat competition, where the last to fall off into the lake wins! It was so much fun to watch and see in slow motion replay who the actual last person to fall was each time. They also competed in archery. Shooting at balloons looked difficult, but everyone was so supportive of each other, just like at the real camp! They decorated rounders and played kickball too, and all of them did a great job.
The Virtual Day Camp ended with a concert by the Red Clay Strays. My family and I played the concert through our television, and we gathered around in the den and ate supper while we watched. I’m sure, if we had dancing skills, we would have gotten up and danced along! They also sang the “Camp ASCCA Goodnight Song,” which warmed my heart and brought back so many fond memories of previous camps.
Different themes for different days is another way to keep us connected and to see each other in photos. I really liked Disney Day and Mustache Monday, and I’m looking forward to seeing the Talent Show movie that will be put together from all the videos we campers send in this month.
The “Adventures With…” and “ASCCA Anywhere” video series have been another great way to stay connected with counselors and staff at camp. I particularly look forward to occasional Facebook Live streaming where they show us new attractions that we can do next year or take us on a tour behind the scenes.
I am so thankful Camp ASCCA has such dedicated and creative staff, and I look forward to seeing what else they have planned for us this summer as we wait patiently for Summer 2021. I am reminded of Genesis 31:49 because no matter how far apart we are, we can always find a way to stay in touch.

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