Friends of ASCCA: Chad’s Packing List for Camp ASCCA

Who is ready for the summer sessions at ASCCA? If it is a campers first time coming to Camp ASCCA, or their 100th it’s good to know what to pack.

I like to find clothes that matches the theme that will be going on during my session. I also label my clothing, athletic shorts and t-shirts for that day and put them in the gallon size Ziplock bag that way it is easier to get dressed each morning. I’m also packing face masks.

Make sure you pack enough toiletries to last you for the week, and don’t forget toothpaste and a toothbrush! 

If you decide to bring a backpack here are some things that I like to keep in mine. You can bring a notebook because Matt or Amber will read love notes out of the love note box after every meal. Bring you a mini flashlight if you want to read because at rest period and at night the lights are turned off in the cabins and we are to stay in our bottom bunk. It was scary at first, but there are no monsters. Also, you can bring coloring books with crayons or a radio with a headset because sometimes you have to wait your turn at an activity or occasionally there is an extended rest period because of bad weather. Also, I bring a reusable water bottle, because it is important to stay hydrated. If you do not like loud noise you can need to bring your own noise cancelling headphones, or Camp will have some that you can borrow. And don’t worry, yes, you can take your favorite stuffed animal to ASCCA! You can bring a disposable camera if you want to, but the PR Interns will take a lot of pictures and put them on the Flickr page and the Camp ASCCA App. 

The staff will be wearing a Camp ASCCA staff t-shirt and khaki shorts on Sundays at check-in and Fridays on check-out. Also, a lot of campers pack one dress up outfit because on Thursdays after dinner we hand out awards, do honor cabin and we have a dance or concert. 

Don’t worry, you’ll be all taken care of by the counselors, unit leaders, program staff and nurses, so you will not need to bring any money except to purchase ASCCA gear out of the ASCCA shop on check-in and check-out day.

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