Friends of ASCCA: Chad’s Time Spent at Camp ASCCA Through the Years

My first year at Camp ASCCA was good, but it l got better as my years went on. During my first year, I learned a lot. Things like not to touch things that aren’t yours, like radios, and cell phones.

While you’re at Camp ASCCA, you have to follow all the rules and stay with your counselor and assigned group at program rotations. During rest period, you have to stay in your bunk and either nap or just relax. I have learned a lot of different things during the years I’ve been coming to Camp ASCCA. Don’t worry, if you ever get upset your counselors are there to comfort.

When you’re at the dining hall, your counselor will assign you a table to have your meals. During the week you are expected to sit there for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It makes it easier on everyone if you are at the same table the whole week.

During check in they take your temperature and if exceeds 100.3 you will be sent home because you don’t want to get everyone else sick.

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