Friends of ASCCA: Friends I’ve Met at Camp

Before Camp ASCCA, I did not have many friends. Those I did make would sometimes move away, and others didn’t understand my condition and would reject me. This hurt to the point that I just stopped trusting anyone as a friend. However, in 2018, Camp ASCCA changed everything. I was finally with people like me who understood my condition. For the last two years, I’ve met a lot of friendly and trustworthy campers and counselors. They’ve all been great. Every year, my new friends and the counselors always want to make sure I’ll be back again next year. Among all my new camper friends, three special friends have changed my life for the better.

The first friend I made at Camp ASCCA uses a wheelchair, and she had a tablet she called a talker to help her and others understand what she was trying to say. She also used sign language to communicate with the group, which was something I did not know much about at the time. It was fun to learn! After camp, I joined the deaf ministry at my church and began learning sign language. Because of my friend, I now attend the sign-language classes. I want to be able to talk with her and any others the best that I can.

The second special friend I’ve made always has something to talk about because we have so much in common. Most of all, we both love animals. She and I enjoyed going to the farm at Camp ASCCA. We even won a nature activity game for best knowledge! We both enjoyed that activity. It was so much fun! She is really fun to chat with, and we still talk several times a week. She is always full of energy and has a positive attitude as well. She reminds me so much of my own sisters, it is like having my own sibling with me at Camp! She is great, and I cannot wait to see her and the animals again this summer.

Like the other two friends, my third new friend and I have something in common: we both like weird things and to play games! Her favorite games to play are Operation and Uno. Unlike me, she’s a little competitive during games sometimes, but we both have great fun no matter who wins. Like me, she enjoys listening to music, mostly 80’s and 90’s pop music. Her favorite activities at camp were the pool and the game room, and she can tell a good joke whenever you ask her. She makes any activity fun with her offbeat personality.

In the end, I love all my friends and everyone at camp. After two years and three camps, I’m sure I’ll continue to see my old friends and make at least one new one every time I go. Camp ASCCA is awesome. The events are fun and the counselors are wonderful. However, being able to meet friendly people and make new long-lasting relationships is priceless. I’m looking forward to seeing the new friends I’ll meet this summer!

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