Friends of ASCCA: Get to know Katie!

Hello, my name is Katie Farley. I have cerebral palsy. I cannot walk or do things like write, ride a bike, swim on my own, etc., but I choose to not let those things get me down. I look at it as I’m unique and not in a bad way, in a good way. There are a lot of things I can do like talk, hear, read, learn things like how to do simple math problems, things like that. In high school, I went to Spain Park High School. I wasn’t in regular classes. I was in what you call an inclusive classroom.

Throughout my whole high school experience, I was in that classroom. My favorite part of every day was getting a break from the inclusive classroom and going to band class. Yes, I was in the band and played the maracas. To be honest, that was my only favorite part of high school besides seeing my close friends from time to time. Two years ago after I graduated high school, I started off going to Jefferson State Community College. Being at Jeff State for a year was okay, but I wanted to be at a different college, so I switched to Samford University.

I joined the Turning Point program and it was amazing. I happened to meet many new friends, I was able to join a bible study, and I also met a guy that’s now my boyfriend. I was apart of the Turning Point program for a year before I turned 21 and I had to leave. Once you turn 21 in that program, you’re out of the program. Turning Point was an amazing experience. Now, I don’t know exactly what the future holds for me. I’m looking into getting a job. I don’t know what kind of job yet, but I’ll figure things out.

I started going to Camp when I was about 4 to 5 years old. The dynamic of Camp makes me feel so joyful. I don’t have to be in my wheelchair all the time. I can do things that I can’t do outside of camp. At Camp, I don’t feel like an outcast, I don’t feel “disabled”, I just feel free! I have loved every minute of Camp. Every summer, I cannot wait to get to Camp ASCCA to see all my favorite people. Besides getting to see everyone, I love helping in any way I can. For example, if a camper is upset, I’ll help settle them down. I love being a helper to other kids or adults with disabilities.

I love all the activities at Camp! If I had to say what my favorite activity at Camp though was, it’s the zipline. I’m not trying to brag here, but I win the Zipline award every time. I’m kind of a threat when it comes to the zipline.

It’s a bummer that Camp isn’t happening this summer and I won’t be able to go to my second home. It really broke my heart hearing that there was going to be no Camp, but I know this is best for everyone. Not having camp is keeping everyone safe and safety matters a lot to me. I don’t want any of my Camp friends getting sick.

Basically, that’s all I have to say, but here’s a reminder for everyone. Wash your hands and please please please stay safe during this pandemic!!

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