Friends of ASCCA: How Windsor is Adapting to Life in the Pandemic

How has COVID-19 impacted your life? My family is adjusting to our new lifestyle fairly well. Doctor friends have helped us with good ideas to prevent getting sick, even when the numbers of sick people are rising and might still get worse. Preventing illness, participating with Camp ASCCA virtual activities, and spending time with family have been my top ways to adapt.

My family and I now take vitamins D and C every day, and we still exercise regularly. We plan ahead when we go out to limit exposure. I make sure to take masks and wash hands as soon as I get home, as does the rest of my family. We have created a “safe station” on a table by the door to sanitize when we get home; it has hand sanitizer, handwipes, and a thermometer among other items.

To limit exposure, we watch church online Sunday mornings, and I have cut my art class to every two weeks. Now that my sister has moved away with her husband, I have turned my sister’s room into a hobby room inspired by Camp ASCCA summer crafts. I hope I will not run out of ideas for things to make in my hobby room.

Since I am home more than I used to be, I get to spend more time with my precious Cairn Terrier, Scout. To replace going to the dog park, my dad created our own home dog park, which he calls the “Joye Doggone Dog Park.” I prefer just “Joye Family Dog Park.”I also take Scout for walks in our backyard. My family plays fun indoor games with Scout, like fetch and chase. I also spend more time with my parents. From that, I have discovered that my dad and I share a love of shopping!

James 4:8 and Revelation 3:20 both mention we can stay close to the Lord no matter what, even during a pandemic. My family and I are growing closer as we solve problems together and continue to pray daily for our country.

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