Friends of ASCCA: Lizzie’s Top 5 Favorite ASCCA Programs

Since we aren’t having Camp this summer, I’m going to tell you what my top five favorite programs/activities are. My top favorite would probably have to be tubing. I’ve always loved tubing. I love having the water splash on my face and just having the thrill of excitement while riding in the inner tube. I always love going fast on the tube too. I hate going slow because it’s not as exciting as going fast. I also love the fact that at Camp, whoever wants to tube can. I love how at Camp people are trained to help people who use wheelchairs go tubing. Tubing is a thing people who use wheelchairs rarely get to do outside of Camp, so I love that they get to have the joy of experiencing tubing.

My second favorite program at Camp would have to be Arts & Crafts. The thing I always love to do in Arts & Crafts is make all kinds of bracelets for myself and my camp friends, but mostly for my camp friends. I always like going to Arts & Crafts for free choice because I know for a fact I can make bracelets. Bracelets are my favorite thing to make in Arts & Crafts, but I also like doing the activities the Arts & Crafts people assign during rotation. I just love doing all kinds of arts and crafts and being creative. Another reason why I like Arts & Crafts is because it’s inside and it is also a rotation where you can just sit down in a chair and really bond with whoever is sitting next to you and maybe goof off a little.

Lizzie and friends in the BCK4T

Another activity/rotation I love is just hanging in the BCK4T. It’s kind of a new rotation because the BCK4T was built recently. It was a rotation last summer and I loved it. I loved it because I got to eat candy, relax in a bean bag, and play some arcade games with some people that are now very good friends of mine. Even if I stunk at some games, I still had a blast. Also, hanging in the BCK4T gave me a break from being outside. I love being outdoors, but there’s nothing like going in air conditioning after you’ve been sweating your butt off in the Alabama heat.

My fourth favorite program would have to be zipline. My favorite part of the zipline is sitting down on the zipline platform before thrusting myself off and trusting the zipline to hold me as I slide down. The reason why that is my favorite part is because every time I am about to go ziplining, while I’m sitting, I get this rush of adrenaline in me. It’s really awesome. Then, when I lean off the zipline platform and I’m in the air, I feel this great feeling. I always love letting go of the rope and expanding my arms while I am flying down the zipline. Zipline is a very fun rotation. Just like tubing, ziplining isn’t an activity that many people get to experience but at Camp they get to. I love how we get to experience the thrill of ziplining.

My fifth favorite program is the pool. I love swimming in the pool. I find it very relaxing. The pool is a rotation where we can basically do anything we want in the pool. We can lay on a float, we can throw balls in the mini basketball hoop, we can swim, or we can basically just chill and hang out with friends. I take the time during pool rotation to just relax and hang out with friends (or hang on friends’ backs because I did a lot of that last summer). I love it so much. Water activities in general are a blast.

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