Friends of ASCCA: Overcoming Fears with Windsor

There’s nothing to fear at Camp ASCCA. Even if you have a particular phobia, many fun activities will likely help you overcome it. Camp ASCCA has been adapted for everyone, so don’t be afraid to try something that may scare you at first.

Some phobias are hard to break, which is why I try to remind myself of two verses of the Bible: Isaiah 54:14 and Philippians 4:7. These two Bible verses are about God protecting you from fears. For example, anyone who has acrophobia (fear of heights) should still give the zipline a try. You will be safely strapped in, and the beautiful view is worth it. Similarly, the pool is perfect for aquaphobic (fear of water) campers. Lifeguards are on duty for our protection and safety, and we can use floats and wear life vests. You can also take swimming lessons.

Another common fear is entomophobia (fear of insects). Every time I went on a nature activity, I would see someone panicking over a small harmless bug. I understand this though because some bugs do look a bit creepy. To help one boy, I said, “Don’t worry. You are much bigger and taller than the bug is, and it is too scared of you anyway, so don’t panic.” He did end up having a lot of fun.

Your fears may be completely different. Maybe you’re nervous about a strange, new place. In 1 Peter 5:7, the Bible says to put all of your anxiety and fears aside and the Lord will handle them for you. I did just that! Everything was so new and different on my first visit to Camp ASCCA. I describe it as going into a cold pool, but you acclimate to the water temperature fairly quickly. For example, I’m not an early bird, so getting up early was not easy. Also I’m cold-natured, so the air conditioned bunkroom that was so comfortable to others was freezing cold to me. However, I went to bed early, and I made sure to bring my winter pajamas. In other words, I adjusted over time with the help of my wonderful counselor.

Isaiah 40:31 is another example of facing fears and anxieties. The Lord gives us strength to fight any fear that comes our way. As your week at Camp ASCCA ends and the time to head home approaches, you will feel strong and proud of yourself. You will likely talk nonstop to your parents on the drive home about how many times you overcame your phobias with the support and encouragement of counselors and new friends. Every day at Camp ASCCA is an adventure waiting for you, and you will wish to go back and face your fears again next summer.

Photo provided by Windsor Joye

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