Friends of ASCCA: What Lizzie Likes To Do In Her Free Time

I do a lot of schoolwork, but when I’m not doing schoolwork, I like to either listen to music, watch Netflix, talk/hang out with friends, go horseback riding, or write.

I like and listen to all kinds of music. If you ask me who my favorite singer is, I really couldn’t answer that question because I have multiple. I’m not kidding. There are multiple people I love to listen to from all different kinds of genres. For example, some artists I like are: Russell Dickerson, Quinn XCII, Surfaces, John Mayer, Justin Bieber, lovelytheband, Morgan Wallen, Shawn Mendes, Michael Jackson, Khalid, George Strait, Kari Jobe, and the list continues on and on. I love to listen to music all throughout the day every single day. I listen to music in my morning when I’m brushing my teeth and getting ready for the day. I listen to music whenever I’m lounging around. I listen to music while I’m taking a shower. I listen to music a lot. There isn’t a day where I can go without listening to music. I love music so much.

I don’t usually binge watch Netflix a lot. Most times, I’ll watch Netflix when I have nothing else to do or if I’ve been watching a show already and I’m addicted then I’ll watch. Recently, I finished all seasons of Vampire Diaries. I have to admit with that show I got hooked from the beginning. Once I started, I watched and finished the whole show in at least a month. Now, the show I’m watching is Dawson’s Creek. It’s some 90’s show and I’m loving it so far. I’m taking a summer class at Auburn on-campus and during my free time I’ve been watching that show a lot. Shows that I’ve watched already and liked are Heartland, Friends, the 70s Show, Gilmore Girls, One Tree Hill, Stranger Things, and more.

Who doesn’t love talking or hanging out with their friends in their free time?! I love being surrounded by people and/or talking to the ones I love. I may not get to see my friends all that often because of their busy schedules, but we never fail to talk a lot. We Snapchat, text, and FaceTime, but when I do get to see them, we
make the best of the time we have together.

Another favorite thing I love to do in my free time is go horseback riding. I haven’t been horseback riding in a minute because of my summer class, but if I wasn’t taking one right now, I would be horseback riding once a week. I’ve done horseback riding ever since I was 3 years old and I’m almost 21. I’ve ridden horses for quite a few years. In my lifetime, I haven’t been able to do a sport, at least a sport that involves a ball, so I view horseback riding as my sport. I’m good at horseback riding too. I love horses and I love the feeling I get when I’m on one. Let’s just say it’s an amazing feeling. I love being able to take the horse by the reigns and control it. I love trotting. I love posting. I love everything that comes with horseback riding.

You might can call me a geek, but I also love writing in my free time. I love writing all sorts of things, like poems, short stories, you name it. I even have a journal that I journal in sometimes. Every now and then, just jotting down what happened a specific day, memories I’ve made, and thoughts I have during a moment, is relaxing to me. Journaling can be a huge stress reliever, especially if you’re not happy in the moment. Plus, all the journal entries I write I know I’ll be grateful for because in the future I can look back and read what kinds of things I went
through, what memories I made, and what kinds of things I thought.

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