Welcome to our brand new area at camp: The Patio! The Patio is the newest addition to Camp ASCCA. This area was named in honor of Dr. Greg Frith. Dr. Frith has served on the Camp ASCCA board and is a loyal friend to Camp. We are so thankful for his friendship with Camp. This area will serve as an outdoor eating and entertainment area for our campers to enjoy. The Patio consists of three different levels of seating areas that are accessible to all campers. The whole area is filled with multi-colored picnic tables and accommodated seating! The Patio overlooks beautiful Lake Martin. It makes for such a peaceful meal time or perfect spot to watch the sun go down.

Today, the Camp ASCCA campers were able to enjoy the very first breakfast served at The Patio! Kitchen Staff leader, Abbie, prepared sausage biscuits, fruit cups, yogurt, and muffins for all to enjoy. We even had coffee and juice ready for us! The campers really enjoyed this peaceful and cool Wednesday morning breakfast. The Patio serves as a great picnicking experience that some of us may not have ever had the possibility to participate in. The Patio feels like an extension of home. It is like having breakfast on the back porch with your family! Thank you Dr. Frith for all you do for Camp ASCCA!

Madi Davis, PR

Summer 2021

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