It was a Monster Mash

Fall Family Weekend comes at the perfect time of year. The air is just right, the need for reconnection with your closest friends is a must and it is a time to get back to some of the most fun moments in life at Camp ASCCA. This year’s fall weekend was just that with a dose of cold rain this morning, but we did not let that stop us.

In spite of a light sprinkle, we all made our way out to ASCCA programs after breakfast and enjoyed rotations at zipline, fishing, archery, arts & crafts, nature and free play at the gym. After enjoying lunch in the dining hall, everyone made the trip to their cabins to enjoy a nap and warm up from the cool morning.

The plan was to get back into program rotations after the break, but unfortunately, the rain was a little to strong. Instead, people had the opportunity to hangout in the game room, arts & crafts, Dunn Center or the BCK4T. Some enjoyed festive, Halloween activities while others watched a little bit of college football. Activities ended in time for everyone to go to the cabin and get ready for the big event of the night.

The event people talk about all weekend long is the Saturday night costume contest. This year, five campers were recognized by the program staff for their unique and detailed costumes. Then the rest of the crowd, campers and staff, select the top three finalists with their cheers. The camper that receives the most cheers is the winner, and then the following two receive second and third place.

First place winner, Ricky 2nd place winner, Wanda 3rd place winner, Patricia

This year, our friend Ricky received the first-place title and a prize for his Spanish themed costume. He was followed by Wanda in second place who danced the night away dressed as Jessie from Toy Story. The third-place winner was Patricia who brought her own Harry Potter costume that included a personalized Hogwarts ID badge.

We have had a great weekend so far, and there is plenty of fun still ahead tomorrow! Take a look at our Flickr page to see more moments from the weekend, and stay tuned for tomorrow’s activities.

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