Keeping Up With Sunny And Theo

Sunny & Theo

Not much has changed with Sunny and Theo, they are still the best of friends!  They have both grown so much bigger and are getting smarter by the day. 

Sunny is eight months old and weighed 61 pounds at her last vet visit.  She just completed her eight week “Teenage Terrors” obedience program, she got blue ribbons every day!  We are still looking for something that Sunny doesn’t love. Whether it be food, a toy, weather, another animal, anything we have yet to find that thing.  She LOVES everything and everyone and assumes that all things love her just as much.  She bounces everywhere she goes.  Sunny is such a princess she loves eating as long as you add warm beef broth to her food, to playing fetch, and she especially loves the water hose!

Theo is a giant love bug!  He is 8 months old and weighed 75 pounds at his last vet visit. Theo loves to play with all the other dogs that live with him, that is when they’ll let him. Theo is so much more chill than Sunny which is a good thing because he’s gotten so big. He’s officially stronger than we are!  He’s started to get some white spots on his face and down his back that at first, we thought was paint, but turns out that his color is just changing a little bit.  It’s SO cute!  

Sunny and Theo still play together every day, they wait for one another at the fence if they don’t get to the ‘play pen’ at the same time.  Theo must be convinced to get out of the golf cart if he doesn’t see Sunny.  If Sunny gets there first she immediately starts running the perimeter looking for him everywhere.  They are the happiest when they are together and as far as we know they haven’t had their first official fight.  Sunny and Theo keep us on our toes as they have learned to take collars off one another. 

They’re the best and they’ve brought us so much joy already.  We’re excited for them to both grow and learn more through the winter and be ready for everyone once spring weekends and summer camp start back!  

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