Lee OBGYN Team Building Days at Camp ASCCA

Today we were visited by a group of staff members from Lee Obstetrics & Gynecology for a day of teambuilding and fun out on the low ropes course. The entire staff was split into two groups for two separate visits. The first group visited Camp last month while the second group made the trip today. Each team showed up ready to rock wearing t-shirts with the Lee OBGYN logo on the front that were designed in different colors for each group.

As soon as they arrived, the groups were led by Program Director Amber Cotney and Outdoor Education Program Specialist Cody Graham through several activities at the low ropes course behind the girls’ cabins. They were challenged at the log, the spiderweb, the islands, and the trolleys. ASCCA staff pushed them to work on different forms of communication by making some rules that kept participants from speaking, but they could often communicate with motions. For example, at the log each group had to first sit wherever they like, then stand on the log and reorder themselves based on birthdate and month without getting off the log or talking out loud.

Trolleys with Lee OBGYN

At the end, the silent rule and the physical challenges at some of the rotations really got the groups to talking about how they communicated during the task and how they could have communicated better. Each group was also encouraged to consider how the challenges they faced on the course were not so different from the day-to-day challenges they face in the doctor’s office like good communication with patients, the doctor, and each other.

The group that visited in October had the opportunity to climb the Ziptower, but the stormy weather this afternoon kept today’s participants from getting the chance. However, everyone left with smiles on their faces and a new appreciation for each other after being put to the test both physically and mentally as a team. We hope that the Lee OBGYN staff learned a lot during the two visits, and that they will carry the lessons they learned with them during their daily work.

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