Long Live the Waterslide!

We finally made it to our first full day of Camp! It was a hot one, too, but luckily we have our counselors and program staff to make sure everyone is hydrated during rotations. Our wonderful nurses also help us beat the heat with some hydrating and delicious popsicles. Campers are getting a special treat other than popsicles at their morning activities this week, too: karaoke is now part of rotations! This activity is so popular that it’s going to be visited by every group instead of being limited to free choice. 

Speaking of free choice, we had it open all day! Often evenings focus on a big activity that everyone at Camp does together, but today, campers got to choose what to do with their afternoon and night. We had boat rides, the splash pad, and our LPR zipline, but we also had something special our last few groups of campers sadly couldn’t experience. The water slide is back in action! Our repairs were finished just in time for our friends at session four to try out this exciting activity during afternoon free choice, and it was a hit! We’re so happy to share all our wonderful aquatics programs with our campers once again!

McCartney Hagar, PR Intern

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