This week at camp, boatrides has been in the program rotation. Each group has had the chance to take a nice, relaxing ride on the pontoon boat. Today boatrides was also open for free choice, so I decided to take my first ride on the boat along with seven of our campers and their counselors. We cruised around Lake Martin for about 40 minutes and it was beautiful! I can see why some of the campers wanted to come back for another ride.

Our aquatics program staff, Heather drove the boat for our ride. This is Heather’s first year at ASCCA and she is loving it. She just graduated in May from the University of Tennessee at Martin with a degree in cell and molecular biology (pre-med). She plans on continuing school and becoming a physicians assistant. Heather learned about Camp ASCCA through a friend that had worked at camp before, Matthew Palmer. Here at camp, Heather loves to work tubing, but her favorite activity to see the campers do is the waterslide! If there is a camera around, the waterslide pictures are some of her favorites to see at because the huge smiles on the campers show just how much fun they are having. Heather’s favorite thing about camp is seeing the campers being able to experience things that they don’t get to do everyday. Heather says the campers have taught her a lot, “they have such a good attitude and outlook on life, and it has shown me not to take the little things for granted, because they really are the ‘big things’.”

Heather has been so great this summer, making the camp experience awesome for all of our campers at the various aqautics programs. Check out all of our pics from the free choice boatride on Flickr!

Emily Hedrick, PR
Session 5