My Heads in Mississippi

My heart is in Jackson’s Gap, Alabama, but my head is in Mississippi. This week, we have some very special guests with us all the way from Mississippi! The closest trip from Camp ASCCA to Mississippi is almost a five hour drive. Talk about the dedication! This community of Mississippians are all connected through different areas of life. Some grew up on the Mississippi Delta, others are fraternity brothers, and we even have lots of staff that attend(ed) Mississippi State University! Let’s get to know more about our out of state friends.

Our Mississippi Delta Girls.

Our first set of Mississippi queens are our Delta girls! Campers Elizabeth and Kimbrel are current Mississippi natives. They have been attending camp for several summers together. They have commuted to Camp ASCCA each year, and never plan to quit! The other set of girls are also best friends! These two grew up together. They are our fabulous nurses: Abbey and Kathryn. Abbey and Kathryn also attended Mississippi State together, earning their Bachelors degree in Nursing. Abbey finally convinced Kathryn to try out her first summer with Camp ASCCA as a nurse. They are loving their opportunity to work side by side again, but this time, across the border in the Heart of Dixie! All four of our Delta divas are so excited for their week at Camp, especially being able to see some familiar Mississippi faces all the way in Alabama.

Pi Kappa Phi Fraternity Brothers.

Our next crew are our fraternity brothers. Program Staff Justin, and Counselors Danny and Austin, are all a part of MSU’s Pi Kappa Phi fraternity. They heard about Camp through our Adventure Specialist, Jacob Boyer, who is also a former brother of Pi Kappa Phi! Boyer showed so much passion about Camp that Justin, Danny, and Austin wanted to check out all of the fun! Justin has worked at Camp since 2019. He was able to suggest working for Camp to Danny and Austin, and they were sold! Experiencing ASCCA with your close friends is a one of a kind opportunity. These young men have shown such passion about their time spent at ASCCA. It is also a wonderful feeling for Pi Kappa Phi to see their philanthropy of “helping empower people with disabilities” in action. We are proud of our Pi Kapp boys and the work they provide here at Camp!

The MSU Crew

Finally, what we’ve all been waiting for, our Mississippi State crew! We have several current students, rising students, and graduates here with us! Our Mississippi State University current students are Austin (Sophomore), Danny (Sophomore), and Justin (Senior). We have one rising Freshman student who will be attending this Fall, Program Staff Shannon. The last three are our Mississippi State graduates: Jacob Boyer, Abbey Murray, and Kathryn Cox! It is a rare sight at Camp to see so many people who attend(ed) the same college! Mississippi State University was able to win these seven amazing individuals! MSU also won their very first National Championship title in any sport. The MSU crew is able to celebrate their victory in the 2021 College World Series, and their time here at Camp ASCCA. Hail State and Go Camp!!!

Nurses Abbey and Kathryn passing our popsicles!
Justin, guiding a nature tour!
Campers Kimbrel and Elizabeth checking in to Camp!
Austin and Camper Cyrus enjoying the pool.
Danny and Camper William at the dance!

Madi Davis, PR

Session 2

Summer 2021

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