Prom 2022

Amber Cotney’s mother with her lovely desserts!

Tonight was the most magical of all for our campers — prom! Having the opportunity to dress up and attend a formal event, much less be voted prom king or queen, is sadly not something everyone with a disability has outside of Camp, so this night is very important to our teens.  While prom is special, it also requires a lot more planning and expense for the staff than a regular Camp dance, and this effort should never be taken for granted. Full-time staff member Justin did an excellent job in selecting music to get everyone out on the dance floor; even Jon Dollar had to join despite having just finished making a delicious dinner. Our beloved Program Director, Amber Cotney, worked so hard to organize the event and ensure every detail was perfect; she even brought her mother to bring homemade desserts! All hands were on deck for prom.

While the staff had been working to make prom happen, several campers had been invested in a project of their own: the campaign trail! ASCCA was covered with signs advertising potential prom kings and queens. Katherine Lantz was so determined to take home the crown that she prepared beautiful posters even before Camp began. Her efforts paid off when former queens Kaitlyn Miller and Christina Brown handed her a crown and bouquet of roses as she was officially elected prom queen. Jason Moore also started campaigning the minute he arrived, bringing all the staff he met on to help him win over our hearts. From the cheers, to posters, to saying the blessing, Jason took every opportunity to show his determination and heart. The moment Ben Brooks crowned him king left the room star-struck! As Jason and Katherine danced, there wasn’t a soul at the dance who wasn’t beaming with pride.

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