Providing Positive Vision: The Columbus Optimists

On Wednesday, June 16, Dana Rickman and Madi Davis traveled to Columbus, Georgia to speak with the Optimists Club. The Columbus Optimists Club is an organization dedicated to “Bringing Out the Best in Kids.” The Optimists members create ways to fund raise for organizations that promote the wellbeing of children. The Columbus Optimists Club has donated to numerous organizations such as Boys and Girls Clubs, Fore Kids Columbus, If I Had a Hammer, and many others. The club meets on Wednesdays to discuss next steps, vote on fundraising opportunities, and listen to guest speakers advocate for their cause.

Camp ASCCA was invited to speak with the Optimists Club by Mrs. Susan  Breazeale. Mrs.  Breazeale is the grandmother of a former ASCCA counselor, Marianna Farmer. Big thank you to Marianna for advocating for Camp ASCCA! Mrs. Rickman and Mrs. Davis enjoyed the chance to promote the needs that Camp ASCCA has for camperships. Mrs. Rickman discussed the importance of sponsorships for our campers. She shared camp stories, highlighted activities, and used examples of funding needs for campers. Mrs. Davis was able to share personal experiences both as a staff member and a family member of a camper. Camp ASCCA appreciates the opportunity to present this phenomenal organization. We hope to return soon!

Madi Davis, PR

Summer 2021

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