Roll Call!

Here at Camp, we hear many names being called out. Some that we recognize, some that are new, some that are unique, and some that are the same. This week at Camp ASCCA, names are getting a little confusing! The reason being because we have so many name repeaters! Several of our counselors and staff share the same name. Some days it is hard to keep up. Through love note readings, walkie talkie calls, and even casual conversations, it is easy to become confused on who we are referring to. In order to keep up, and lessen the confusion, we have come up with several different descriptors. Some of these include things like: Tall Maddie, Blonde Maddie, and PR Madi, Camper Matt and Matt Rickman, or even Counselor Lindsey and The Lindsay Davis. Regardless of the descriptions, we love our name twins (or triplets), all the same. Here’s to a summer of name repeats and of course the name lone rangers, too. We are happy to have you here at Camp ASCCA. Who is your Camp name twin? Leave us a comment on our Facebook post!

Drews hanging out at the BcK4t.
Justins being best bros.
A couple of the Katherine (Kathryn)s having some girl time.
Boy Campbell and Girl Campbell posing for their twins photo.
The Bryces representing RedStick cabin.
The Casey(Kacie)s celebrating Mustache Monday.

Madi Davis, PR

Summer 2021

Session 3

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