For session 4, we have added sports & games into our program activity. One of our summer interns, Joel, an exercise science major, is in charge of all the sports & games activities. Joel had several activities written down on pieces of paper, folded them up and put them in a hat for the group to draw. During the second rotation, Preston from group 8 drew “wacky tennis.” We all made our way to the tennis courts where Joel explained the rules- the group would be split into two teams, everyone would get a racket and there would be one ball in play. The teams would hit the ball back and forth and the ball stayed in play as long as it was moving. If the ball stopped moving, that would be a point for the team opposite of where the ball was, if someone picked up the ball, that was a point for the other team, or if the ball was hit out of the court, that would be a point for the team that did not hit it out. It was a close game the whole time, but the team that got to 10 points first won. Wacky tennis was super fun for our campers, and they all got to try something new!

Emily Hedrick, PR
Session 4