This Must be the Place, a Summer to Remember

This year’s staff shirts have a quote on the back that reads “This must be the Place.” One may ask, what does that mean? If you were to ask any staff member, camper, or visitor of Camp they will know the answer. This is the place to love and be loved through a lens of sincerity, compassion, and freedom.

Each group, week in and week out, impressed us here at Camp and brought joy into the atmosphere the moment they drove beneath the Camp ASCCA sign. We have so many moments with every camper whether that was: swimming at a pool party, zipping down the zipline, dancing together, having a late night conversation, riding on a tube, sharing a meal together, and so many other memories. All of the moments big or small make Camp ASCCA the most amazing place in the world.

We are so thankful for Summer 2022, and all it was to us here at Camp ASCCA. We will always cherish the moments shared this summer. Having to say see you later is bittersweet however, until then we will cherish every memory. Camp ASCCA, you are the place.

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