Session 4 is here! Everybody got checked in, explored their cabins, took group photos and ate dinner before our first evening program- TOMATO OLYMPICS. We all split up into our respective cabins and got our tomato olympian. Each tomato was then “decorated” with pipe cleaner, streamers and markers to make their tomato look good, and to protect it at the various sports. The goal is for the tomato to excell at each task and not get too hurt in the process. If a tomato was badly hurt, the medics came in to patch it up so it could continue in the games.

There was bowling, a camper rolled the tomato into three pins, having to knock them all down. Hockey, a camper knocked the tomato into the goal with the hockey stick. Discus, the tomato was taped into the disc then a camper would throw for distance. Long jump, an underhand throw of the tomato for distance by a camper. Waterslide, a tomato would start at the top and slide down to the end. High dive, a program staff held onto the beloved tomato at the top of a ladder, then dropped it into a bucket of water from a distance. Basketball, one camper would shoot the tomato through the hoop. Soccer, the tomato would be kicked by a camper into the goal for as many times as they could within a minute. And finally, zipline, where the tomato would strap up and zip to the floor.

All of the tomato olympians made it to the end and suvived, some barely had any injuries and some were just barely held together. We had a great time competing and cheering on our olympic athletes and campers participating.

Emily Hedrick, PR
Session 4