Visitors of All Kinds  

It’s been a busy Wednesday at Camp ASCCA! During rotations this morning, campers were visited by our friends from south Alabama Rotary clubs! These kind folks toured our campus to learn more about our mission and meet the amazing campers they help live their dreams. Rotary has done many fundraisers and service projects for Camp, including building the Dunn Center and Dining Hall, but many individuals who toured today also raise money on their own with the Jingle Jump. We love our supporters, and we know our campers love them, too.

The fun didn’t stop with the morning. We had more visitors this evening – Blue Water Highway came to perform for us! The band put on an epic show that had all our campers up and moving to the beat. Concerts are the highlight of Camp for lots of campers, but not everyone can enjoy such an overwhelming experience. For those who would have been stressed by the loud music or stage lights, we come prepared with plenty of headphones and a sensory room to relax in. Accommodations like these allowed all of our campers to experience the amazing night on their own terms. The end of the night was also special for campers. The band members were so sweet as to join the rest of us in circling up for the goodnight song. It touches us all when our guests interact personally with the people who adore them so much. Thank you, Blue Water Highway!

McCartney Hagar, PR Intern

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