Since we had our picnic today at lunch, we gave out ASCCA Achievements tonight before our pizza dinner. Awards were given by the program staff to one camper for each program in the rotation: archery, arts & crafts, boatrides, demo farm, fishing, nature, pool, putt putt/bocce ball, tubing and zipline.

Brandon Reynolds won the award for archery. He said he was going to wait until next year to shoot, but after a little bit of convincing, Brandon shot the bow and arrow and hit the target three times!

For arts & crafts, Beth Marshall won the award because she was so patient and was a big help cleaning up before leaving the program.

Cody Gammon won the award for boatrides because he was so excited to go. Yesterday he couldn’t stop talking about the boatrides and he even helped Brittany give the safety speech before the ride.

Kim Gipps won the demo farm award because when she first got to the farm she was timid, but she warmed up and pet all of the animals.

For fishing, Robbie Booth won the award because he caught the most fish so far, three!

Ashley Glaze won the award for nature, because she solved all of the puzzles during Wheel of Fortune.

Gladys Allen won the award for pool because she was very excited to swim and play basketball in the pool.

Elizah Tyson won the award for putt putt because he went through the course not only once, but a second time. He was also excited to play bocce ball after putt putt.

For tubing, Jerry Hunt won the award because he smiled the whole time he was tubing and cheered for everyone else when it was their turn.

Jeanie McClendon won the award for zipline because of her great attitude and huge smile.

Congratulations to all of our ASCCA Achievement winners!

Emily Hedrick, PR
Session 2