Yesterday at staff orientation, we had the pleasure of hearing Camp ASCCA’s Director of Public Affairs, Allison Wetherbee, speak about what she does for camp as well as what Camp ASCCA has done for her.

Director of Public Affairs since 2007, her role is to travel around the state and talk about Camp ASCCA to groups, civic clubs, service organizations and more. Her job is “a pleasure and a blessing” for her because of the experiences she has had with Camp ASCCA, including attending camp from the time she was seven until she was 17.

Allison explained her first camp experience in 1978, what it meant for her and also how her parents felt. When Allison attended Camp ASCCA, the sessions were two weeks long. This was the first time her parents left her, and it was a big deal because her mom was her primary caretaker. There was no camp website, Flickr for photos, or Facebook for updates so her parents had to trust that she was going to be okay for two weeks. For Allison, she was excited to get to go to camp, but also somewhat worried about who would be willing to take care of her. She got to camp and people were excited to do it, it was incredible to her. She says, “it gives you a freedom and an independence and a confidence that you can’t get anywhere else.” Yes the activities are awesome and fun, but the counselors’ enthusiasm makes the camp so meaningful that the campers can’t wait to come back.

Allison is adamant in saying that without her experiences at camp, the independence and the courage she gained, she would not have gone to college, or be in the position she is now.

After hearing Allison’s talk, I can easily see the impact Camp ASCCA makes on the staff, campers and the camper’s families. Allison reiterated many times how important the staff is and how her favorite part of camp was simply the relationship she had with her counselor. Allison also stressed the importance of the PR job- how we represent the camp, how our content works to reassure the camper’s families and how it acts to hold memories for the campers.

If you would like Allison to speak about Camp ASCCA to your groups or clubs, don’t hesitate to contact her at

Emily Hedrick, PR
Staff Orientation