About camp ascca

All staff participates in a thorough weeklong orientation training session prior to the summer that is conducted by Camp ASCCA staff, related professionals, previous campers, and veteran summer camp staff.

Yes, Camp ASCCA employs a full-time Director of Health Services who is a Registered Nurse.

Yes, we offer Environmental Education day, overnight, and week- long camps for school groups no matter their ability level. Programs are fun, interesting, follow the Alabama Course of Study, and can be tailored for each group. Camp ASCCA sits on over 230 acres and leases another 650 acres of adjacent woodland on Lake Martin, making it the perfect place to learn more about the natural world and how to protect it. Contact Matt Rickman at (256) 825-9226 or matt@campascca.org.

Contact Matt Rickman at (256) 825-9226 or matt@campascca.org and request a brochure or booklet on our programs and pricing options. 

Please contact Matt Rickman at (256)825-9226 or matt@campascca.org if you are interested in becoming a volunteer or working at Camp ASCCA. The employment application for summer staff and Counselor-in-Training (CIT) positions are available online in the Summer Staff section of the website or to apply click here.

Camp ASCCA serves children and adults ages 6 to adult. Of course people of all ages participate when a specific group rents our facilities (i.e., Camp Seale Harris Family Weekend).

Yes. ACA accredits over 2,400 camps. ACA-Accredited® camps meet up to 300 standards for health, safety, and program quality. Please visit www.acacamps.org for more information on the American Camp Association.

Camp ASCCA seeks to serve all qualified individuals with disabilities who meet the essential eligibility requirements enumerated below.

These criteria are necessary to ensure not only the safety of participating campers but also their ability to receive the maximum benefits of the particular camp for which they have applied.

Camps are organized around a general group setting (summer camp) or a specialized (specialty) camp designed to meet the needs of a particular group. Camp ASCCA seeks to serve eligible campers in the most integrated setting possible.

All acceptances of applications are conditional. Specifically, Camp ASCCA reserves the right to accept or deny applications or defer admission on-site or prior to attendance should it later become aware that the initial application was flawed or the camper’s health has severely declined or upon demonstration that a camper does not meet the applicable eligibility criteria.

All deferrals or revocation of admission must be approved by the Camp Director. Essential Eligibility Requirements for Camp Admission (for general group setting) an eligible applicant must meet the following criteria:

  1. Be of appropriate age for session requested.
  2. Have a physical or intellectual disability.
  3. Have the ability to effectively communicate needs to a camp counselor (this communication may consist of a verbal, audible, or physical response such as an eye shift or a very slight gesture).
  4. Have the ability to adapt to the group living routine of Camp within 24 hours from time of check-in without disruption to the group living environment, which disruption includes, but is not limited to the following:
    • Not following directions of Camp counselors and program leaders.
    • The inability to sleep or sit quietly throughout the night.
    • Incapable of remaining with group/counselors (i.e. elopement/running away). Camp ASCCA will not provide 1:1 care for campers.
  5. Is not abusive toward him/herself or others, i.e. does not physically, verbally, or sexually abuse self or others, which abuse may include hitting, biting, scratching, spitting, kicking, excessive swearing, excessive or inappropriate yelling or verbal degradation, inappropriate touching or fondling or other inappropriate behavior.
  6. Does not pose a direct threat to himself/herself or others that cannot be eliminated or reduced below the level of a direct threat with or without reasonable accommodation. Direct threat is defined as a substantial risk of harm to the camper or others; direct threat may include having a highly contagious condition such as COVID-19, tuberculosis, hepatitis, an open or draining wound or rash, topical parasites, etc. or other conditions that may be spread through casual human contact.
  7. Does not have a medical condition or impairment that requires specialized medical treatment (i.e. intravenous infusions, tube feeding).
  8. Does not have a medical condition or impairment that has a substantial risk or likelihood for complication or injury.
  9. Camper is in good health and has a body temperature less than 100.4.
  10. Has ability to eat or drink amounts adequate for nutritional support.
  11. Agrees to and takes personal prescription medication.


Campers not eligible for summer camp may be eligible for appropriate specialty camps (i.e. family weekend camps.) At a minimum, they must meet eligibility criteria 1, 2, 5, and 6 above.

The emphasis for the camp’s programs is in meeting the needs of each camper and utilizing ability and capability to enable each camper’s participation to their fullest potential!

The philosophy of Camp ASCCA is to offer an exciting camp program geared to the age, interest, and ability of our campers. This involves learning new skills, making new friends, and participating in a variety of activities.

Activities include (but aren’t limited to) swimming, a waterslide, water skiing, tubing, an accessible water playground, canoeing, boating, fishing, arts and crafts, golf, miniature golf, nature appreciation, geocaching, horseback, bocce, riflery, and even high adventure activities such as climbing, the zip-line, and cargo net. In addition to all of this, there are evening programs that include campfires, dances, and talent shows.

Program areas include the demonstration farm, environmental center, adventure area, nature trail, ball field, horseback riding ring, golf driving range, rifle range, lakefront, modern filtered swimming pool, an all-weather pavilion, and much, much more!. All of this is on 230 beautiful wooded acres with 1.5 miles of Lake Martin shoreline.

The majority of our 60-65 summer staff are college or university students or recent graduates studying or working in areas relating to services for people with disabilities. This is an overall ratio of 1:2.

Most staff with direct responsibility are 18 years or older and are selected to work after a competitive interview process. Reference and criminal background checks are performed.

Financial questions

The actual cost to attend a one-week session (Sunday – Friday) of summer camp is $1,200. Any camper who registers can choose our Campership Rate of $800.

If you are an Alabama resident  you can apply for additional financial assistance by choosing a “Hardship Campership.” Keep in mind that registration will begin in October, and you can set up payments for 12 months using a credit or debit card.

A $100 registration fee will be required when you fill out our online camper application. This fee is non-refundable once you have been “confirmed” for camp.

Upon request, limited financial support is available if your family cannot meet the Campership Rate of $800.00 for a one-week stay at Camp ASCCA. A limited number of full and partial camperships are available for Alabama residents only. Your honesty in paying what you can toward the fee will enable this fund to help others in need.

The regular camp fee is $1,200.00 for one week. This fee is based on the actual cost of operating the summer camp program. If you are eligible for a discounted fee or would like to request a full or partial campership, please indicate that you are in need of financial assistance and how much you are able to pay on your registration.

Most of Camp ASCCA’s financial information is available upon request. Please contact our Accountant or Administrator. (256) 825-9226

for the campers and their families

We hope that you plan to write your camper – a letter or card from home is always a welcome sight. The staff will be happy to assist campers in writing a letter when needed.

Please be sure to give your camper writing materials, stamps or several stamped post cards if you would like to receive a letter. Please let the counselor know you’ve done so as well.

Parents, relatives, and friends of the campers are welcome to visit and tour the facility on arrival and departure days only.

Camp provides daily afternoon snacks. Tee shirts may be purchased on check-in and check-out days.

A “recommended packing list” will be sent with your information packet upon confirmation of your summer camp session assignment. You can also click here to find the packing list.

Basic items include pillow, blanket, clothing, swimsuit, toiletry items, raincoat/poncho, sunscreen, flashlight, laundry bag, camera, and any special equipment, braces, wheelchairs, communication boards & other appliances or aids used by camper.