Donor Spotlight: Abby Brown Huff

Abby circa 2014

Abby Brown Huff learned about Camp ASCCA when former staff member and camper Allison Wetherbee spoke to students at her high school in Haleyville, Alabama. She said she “instantly fell in love” and couldn’t wait to work at Camp ASCCA and meet the campers.

She did indeed come to work at Camp ASCCA, starting in the summer of 2011, as one of the summer PR staff members! She was then a sophomore in college and was one of our best. After that summer, she returned for a handful of summers working as program staff and over a decade later, worked as a special-counselor staff member to help with our busy kid weeks. She is a special education teacher in Georgia, and in 2022, she and her husband, Kyle, welcomed their first child into their little family.

Mills has already made an appearance at Camp ASCCA!

Although she has a busy life, Abby continues to be connected to Camp ASCCA. She has developed many close friendships at Camp and helps when she can! One way that Abby helps Camp ASCCA is that she participates in our $25 For Life campaign. By simply donating $25 each month, she supports our campership fund that assists children and adults with disabilities attend summer camp at Camp ASCCA. A little each month becomes a lot over time, and we are thankful she is one of the people who does this!

See you around Camp, Abby! We know you’ll be visiting every chance you get!

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