Donor Spotlight: Dr. Steve Burak

Dr. Steve Burak is a Camp ASCCA Board member, as well as a donor and volunteer. Not only does Dr. Burak personally contribute his time, he and his family have personally financially contributed to various Camp projects. One of his daughters was also a camp counselor for a summer!

Dr. Burak has been a leader and supporter especially in determining Camp ASCCA’s long-term future and projects. His guidance has been particularly instrumental in preparing for capital projects that involve land and forests. Dr. Burak has a strong belief in supporting organizations that show true impact, are transparent in funding, and make a difference in people’s lives.  We are honored to have him as part of the Camp ASCCA family.

Dr. Steve Burak has proven to be a very positive board member and has always shown a willingness to assist in any area of need. We thank you for your years of service and your wonderful financial contributions – especially the most recent one, a sponsorship of a cabin in memory of his wife Pat at the upcoming “parent campground.”

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