Donor Spotlight: Leon & Sandra Bentley

The Bentley’s

Leon and Sandra Bentley are a dedicated couple. They have a loving family and enjoy seeing people succeed. We met the Bentley’s in the mid-2000s when their son Barclay began working at Camp ASCCA. Barclay worked several summers starting in 2005, then became a full-time staff member until he started his career at Auburn University in the early 2010s. During that time when their son worked at ASCCA, they began their financial support. To date, and spanning over 17 years, Leon and Sandra have donated nearly $20,000! They give at least twice a year and give enough for one campership — allowing someone with a disability and financial need to attend summer camp each year.

Barclay during his time at Camp ASCCA

When asked about his parents’ philanthropic ways, Barclay said, “My parents have always been extremely supportive of my brother and me in our interests and passions. They saw how much I loved Camp ASCCA and wanted to be involved by helping in their own way.”

We appreciate the Bentley’s dedication to Camp ASCCA and supporting our mission to serve children and adults with disabilities in an inclusive environment. It’s people like them who have allowed us to continue to make camping fun and safe for 48 years. Thank you, Leon and Sandra (and Barclay) for your years of support.

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