Friends of ASCCA: Chad Shares About Battle of the Decades

Hey everyone! I’m attending Session 1, and the theme for that week is Battle of the Decades. I’ve been attending Camp ASCCA since I was eight years old. My first summer was in 1988, so it’s been a few decades for me. Every summer I always look forward to it!

When I first started attending, we had Mobile Rotary. It was small then, and we had a few vans that would come to Mobile to pick us up. Several years later, they switched to three charter buses. At the time, they didn’t have anything to watch movies with, but we listened to music on radio stations like WMEZ Easy FM 94.1, and now Hot 94.1. In 1995, we started watching movies on the charter buses. We also had Camp Mobile Rotary shirts we would wear when the Rotarians visited for Rotary Day. 

Back then, program rotations were different from how it is now. Our counselor used to go to another group, and we would be with someone different for program rotations and then meet back up with our counselors before lunch. In 2014, it changed. Our counselor now stays with us for program rotations throughout the whole day.

If you haven’t been back to Camp ASCCA since Mobile Rotary ended (2019), there are some new things! In the session that I attend, we typically have a BcK4T/pool day. Half of the groups will go to the pool in the morning while the other half goes to the BcK4T, and then we swap that afternoon. On Wednesday mornings, we go to the Patio for breakfast. There is also a new adventure activity called the Big Swing. We dress up for the ASCCA Concert Series, and for our weekly dance, we dress in the theme for that session. Now at Camp ASCCA, you may see Amber Cotney’s dog, Sunny, around. 

In the 90s, my camp fashion trends were two-toned T-shirts, layered cotton shorts, Rad Cotton Shorts, Umbro Shorts, Nylon Soccer Shorts, and Reebok Pump Shoes. Disposable cameras were popular then because they had built-in film. 

Back then outside of camp, you only had a few channels on TV to watch. On Saturday mornings, you had a few hours of cartoons, and then it was different movies. The prime-time shows that I liked to watch back then were The Simpsons, ALF, M*A*S*H, One Day at a Time, Family Ties, Little House on the Prairie, and many more. After those ended, it was time for local news, followed by The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson, and Late Show with David Letterman, and around 12- 2 A.M., the TV stations used to sign off for the night with the playing of the national anthem.

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